Acacia Marina

The province of Ragusa, ”an island inside an island”

It’s a unique landscape, not really known,very pleasant, you can see going up and down the province of Ragusa.
Let’s discover together a territory rightly defined “an island inside an island” for its particular gastronomic tradition,for the personality simple and frank of its inhabitants,for its agglomerations ,”the twelve sisters”, and for its rich history and traditions.

We will start by the three towns recognized by UNESCO heritage of humanity: MODICA, RAGUSA, SCICLI. They were rebuilt after the 1693 earthquake.They are the  testimony of the exuberant genius of art  and of late barocco.
We will go on with the hilly landscape of Eblei mountains ,constituted by plateau of calcareous rocks that secular flows of torrents have  shaped giving birth to natural caves and huge wells where the rain  is collected.

We will cross the hills, this  landscape is very nice and colored  by the yellow of the couch grass. Lines of low walls can be seen, they delimit the cultivated fields, and finally nice “masserie” which are secular  agricultural structures with yards where you can find “u bagghiu” with wells.

Eventually we will see the forests and the natural reserves (last testimony of a luxuriant vegetation which covered Sicily centuries ago),they will lead us directly to the sandy coast lined by a crystal water (since several years certificated by the blue flag beach).


Sometimes the beaches are intersected by the “macconi” typical sand dunes covered by brooms and juniper.


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